Dealing with Feelings

 Sometimes when I’m with others, either lots of people, or just a few, I think about who I am, how I stand out, and how much I’m worth to them (and myself). When I get these thoughts in my head, it makes me feel lonely and sad. Like, who am I? Continue reading “Dealing with Feelings”


First I was scared, I was petrified

So as you can see from the title, something got me scared, and if I’m being honest, it did.

Yesterday I deleted my browser history, because it was taking up memory/data space on my computer. And when I’m finished with that, I wanted to check up on my blog. When I get there. . . nothing is ‘there’ So I’m silently freaking out at my desk, just thinking

“This is a disaster, what do I do. What can I do, I just lost my baby, my life within my life, my blog with 64 posts and counting. . . WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!” Continue reading “First I was scared, I was petrified”