Aesthetic Christmas Photos (1) | 6th Day Of Blogmas

Photo collage for Christmas inspiration!

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Guest Post By Erica Wagner | 5th Day Of Blogmas

Hello everyone! Today I’m sharing an interview I did with another blogger in November, her name is Erica Wanger and here’s a link to her blog. This is the first time I have had a guest blogger on my blog, and I was really excited. Here is her post that inspired me to invite her onto my blog – How to Beat the Winter Blues – It fit my winter/holiday theme, and it’s a great read! I really enjoyed working with her, and her answers are great for this winter. Enjoy!

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Um. . . I’m not dead? It Snowed!

I thought I was going to quit blogging and stop being active? What has changed?


I’ve decided to do blogmas and the 12 days of Christmas this year! Long story short, it started snowing one afternoon and so I spent some time with my family, watched a movie, make two really long music playlists and my spirit was uplifted and revived in one night!

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Setting Prejudice Aside and Trying The Gutenberg Editor

person using laptop on lap

Over the past few months, WordPress admins have been really pressing us (haha! get it?) to use the newer post/blog editor, Gutenberg, and the opinions of WordPress bloggers are extremely mixed.

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