Making Love, Not Blogger Wars


So, this has been nagging at my mind for a long time. I just want to say first, I’m extremely grateful for you, my followers and friends, for your support, and even if I lose some of you by saying this, I want to get this off my chest and into the open. (Just please read to the end for the whole story).

I wrote this post over the span of four days. I knew what I needed to say first and foremost, but there was also a lot I just wanted to say. Finding the right words to say they with was the hard part. This post will be messy, and you might notice the overuse of ‘I’, because this post is partly about me. Continue reading “Making Love, Not Blogger Wars”

Three Days, Three Quotes (Day One)

First off, I would like to thank thehomeplaceweb for nominating me for this challenge. I got home last nigh from a long day of shopping, my feet were killing me, and when I saw her comment, it really boosted my mood. thank you!

The point of the three days – three quotes challenge is to post one quote a day for three days, and nominate three other bloggers each day (so nine in total). Continue reading “Three Days, Three Quotes (Day One)”