Daily Prompt: Almost (Welcome 2018)

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Well everyone, it is almost 2018.

If you have your new years resolutions ready and your bucket lists refreshed. Congrats! You are two steps ahead of me!

I don’t think I want to make anymore lists, I’ll probably get halfway and decide to stop. But I will try. Continue reading “Daily Prompt: Almost (Welcome 2018)”

And as I Lay, Bundled up and Cozy

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And as I lay here, all bundled up and cozy.

Around in my house, I hear not a mouse.

The morning lays quiet and peaceful.

And as I wake, the light, my eyes take.

The morning light softly plays, coming into my window.

And as I lay, all bundled up and cozy. Continue reading “And as I Lay, Bundled up and Cozy”

Daily Prompt: Cherish

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I cherish the quiet moments.

The ones that just don’t need sound.

When I look around, and see that people within the silence are content to be silent.

I cherish the moments of laughter.

When family and friends are having a good time and are comfortable in each other’s company. Continue reading “Daily Prompt: Cherish”

Daily Prompt: Miraculous

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With the light, I can see, the miraculous sight playing out in front of me.

Your smile alone could light up the night.

Because you are my bright star.

People from afar could see your glow, but please don’t forget that I love you so.

So I write you poems, that convey my love.  Continue reading “Daily Prompt: Miraculous”