Autumn Themed Writing Contest

Everyone is welcome at this writing contest!

The writing theme will be Autumn. Anything you can think of that goes with this fall season, like, the food, the weather, the changing of the seasons, family gatherings, etc. Also, the contest does not have a particular writing form that you have to write in, (short stories, poetry, etc), so you can be as creative as possible.  Continue reading “Autumn Themed Writing Contest”

Purple Yarn and Purple Cloaked Strangers

Purple yarn and purple cloaked strangers.

Ding! The cheery bell in the front exclaimed. ‘Ah! the last one of the day’ my mind simply states. I make my way to the front of the shop. Purple? The sight I’m greeted with is an alarming amount of purple. “May I help you?” I ask to the purple cloaked stranger. Continue reading “Purple Yarn and Purple Cloaked Strangers”