Happy Valentine’s Day

Our new love, with heartstrings being played, blossoms like flowers in spring. . .

But am I being to Cliché? Everything I tell you now, you will have already heard before. So let me try making some words you would like to hear. . .

Your eyes that glimmer like a crystal blue river, speckled with the colors of newly unfurled spring leaves, reflecting the sun in every which way. Continue reading “Happy Valentine’s Day”

The Little Things. . .

Of all the things I see, I love the little things. . .

The flowers with unique shapes and colors, reaching up to the sky above.

The shiny marbles that kids play with, on hardwood floors, just so others can slip on them and fall backwards.

Bubbles that float across the sky and glimmer in the summers sunlight.  Continue reading “The Little Things. . .”

The Liebster Award (Fourth Time is the Charm. . .)

A big thank you goes to M.C. Grimm for nominating me this time for the liebster award. I would like (to try) to describe his blog in five words. . . Humorous, inspiring, well-written, and (absolutely) fantastic. Continue reading “The Liebster Award (Fourth Time is the Charm. . .)”

Dear you. . .

Dear you, the beautiful person.

When I was walking in the open-air market, I saw these tulips and thought of you. I was going to get you some, but as I admired them. I saw the beauty in every one of them, with their wonderfully unique colors and shapes, practically perfect in every way.   Continue reading “Dear you. . .”