I have another blog, new post series, and life updates / Q & A

clear glass jar and pot on wooden tray

Hey everyone, this blogger Q & A is quite different. No one has asked questions (I didn’t ask for any questions, oops!), but I need to talk about some things. Life’s getting harder. It was hard before, but things keep changing, and it’s getting really hard trying to keep up with everything now.

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Um. . . I’m not dead? It Snowed!

I thought I was going to quit blogging and stop being active? What has changed?


I’ve decided to do blogmas and the 12 days of Christmas this year! Long story short, it started snowing one afternoon and so I spent some time with my family, watched a movie, make two really long music playlists and my spirit was uplifted and revived in one night!

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First I was scared, I was petrified

So as you can see from the title, something got me scared, and if I’m being honest, it did.

Yesterday I deleted my browser history, because it was taking up memory/data space on my computer. And when I’m finished with that, I wanted to check up on my blog. When I get there. . . nothing is ‘there’ So I’m silently freaking out at my desk, just thinking

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