Here Comes the Sun(-shine Blogger Award)


The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, optimistic and inspiring, while spreading sunshine to the blogging community. I would like to thank Phony Nonie for nominating me for this award, she is so funny and uplifting! Continue reading “Here Comes the Sun(-shine Blogger Award)”

Busy Week. . .

I would like to talk about my past week with you all, and what happened during my time of absence . . .

On Friday, I went with some friends to a concert. And as I’m standing in the nosebleeds, a thought slips into my mind.

If I were to jump, could I make it over the railing. And if I did, would I die from the impact of hitting the ground/seats/people below. 

Maybe. . .  Continue reading “Busy Week. . .”

The Liebster Award (Fourth Time is the Charm. . .)

A big thank you goes to M.C. Grimm for nominating me this time for the liebster award. I would like (to try) to describe his blog in five words. . . Humorous, inspiring, well-written, and (absolutely) fantastic. Continue reading “The Liebster Award (Fourth Time is the Charm. . .)”

My Adventure. . .

Where is my adventure? You know, the one with meeting people, going places, seeing the sights, and experiencing new things.

The one where my imagination takes the wheel and I’m in the passenger seat taking pictures, writing stories, drawing everything, and asking questions about everything going on around me.  Continue reading “My Adventure. . .”

Dear you. . .

Dear you, the beautiful person.

When I was walking in the open-air market, I saw these tulips and thought of you. I was going to get you some, but as I admired them. I saw the beauty in every one of them, with their wonderfully unique colors and shapes, practically perfect in every way.   Continue reading “Dear you. . .”

Happy New Year Everyone

Well, it’s officially a new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!

I did not know that I was going to be blogging for this long, but I’m glad I did. Over the last few months, I’ve met many wonderful people, read a lot of posts that people pour their hearts into, and overall, I had an amazing time with WordPress.  Continue reading “Happy New Year Everyone”