One Year Anniversary

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Monarch in the garden

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Updating My Blog

I just gave my blog a makeover and I really like how it looks now, what do you think?

Just recently I helped a blogger redesign their blog for free, and I loved it so much. The experience of working with another blogger to make the blog they deserve is really magical. Continue reading “Updating My Blog”

Here We Are Again

I would like to thank  The Average Aspirant for awarding me the Sunshine Blogger and the Leibster Award. Her post is here The amazing post I’m linking you to go see, you are so amazing in ways you don’t even know of, but you are. So thank you for these awards, and thank you for being so awesome! The Sunshine Award recognizes blogs that inspire, motivate and brighten up the blogging world with their posts…like sunshine. sunshine blogger Continue reading “Here We Are Again”

The Liebster Award (Fourth Time is the Charm. . .)

A big thank you goes to M.C. Grimm for nominating me this time for the liebster award. I would like (to try) to describe his blog in five words. . . Humorous, inspiring, well-written, and (absolutely) fantastic. Continue reading “The Liebster Award (Fourth Time is the Charm. . .)”