I have another blog, new post series, and life updates / Q & A

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Hey everyone, this blogger Q & A is quite different. No one has asked questions (I didn’t ask for any questions, oops!), but I need to talk about some things. Life’s getting harder. It was hard before, but things keep changing, and it’s getting really hard trying to keep up with everything now.

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Fundamentals are Fun and Mental | Blogging Q + A

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That’s right! This time I have be going over and answering all your questions and hosting my 2nd Q + A session, and giving you everything I have done to reach my 1150+ followers goal.

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Q & A Questions

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Hello everyone! I’m doing another Q & A session next week, so please leave some questions in the comments. I will be answering thing about my web-shop, my blogging tips & tricks, how I got to 1090+ followers by myself in 1 & 1/2 years, my future plans for the blog, and more! Leave comments and question because I really want to connect with you all!

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Upcoming Q&A Session

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I have decided to have a Q&A session for my next post, but to have answers, you must first have questions.

So. . .

If you have any question about something in the past I’ve talked about, about my blog, about me, what I’m doing in the future, or basically anything else.

Post them in the comments, and I’ll be answering all of them in my Q&A session post next week. Thanks!