Merchant Of Death

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Upon the roads, any road you take, you will find him. He fancies himself a traveler, and who’s to say that he isn’t.

Even if you belong to the opposite side of the scale, you will find him knocking at your door.

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A Dream Of Dragons

I had a dream, and in my dream I traveled through all of time and space and into another dimension and reality where there were only dragons on a huge earth.

In my dream, the dragons were also dreaming. But when they dreamed, they all dreamed together; And in their shared dream, they dreamed of people, here on earth.

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Day Dreaming. . .

I own a book shop. It’s quiet and cozy and smells like coffee, ink, and pumpkin pie spices. My book shop sits on the corner of the town market place, I love it here because I get to meet the most interesting people. I guess it helps that I carry every book anyone could ever want and somehow never run out of them.

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My Adventure. . .

Where is my adventure? You know, the one with meeting people, going places, seeing the sights, and experiencing new things.

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