Dealing with Burnout (& blog updates)

Фото, автор ✿Lili@ ✿ на Яндекс.Фотках

Some of you might have noticed, but I haven’t been totally active with publishing things lately. There is a reason for that! Burnout. Also known as writers block, or having a lack of creativity or motivation for writing. When I realized I was in a state of writers block, I said “this is my cue to take a break from writing and focus on other things, like my art.” Continue reading “Dealing with Burnout (& blog updates)”

Dealing with Feelings

 Sometimes when I’m with others, either lots of people, or just a few, I think about who I am, how I stand out, and how much I’m worth to them (and myself). When I get these thoughts in my head, it makes me feel lonely and sad. Like, who am I? Continue reading “Dealing with Feelings”