I Like Being In Silence, But I Don’t Like Being Lonely

I like sitting in silence drinking coffee, drawing, imagining what the future has in store for my life, and what will happen.

I like listening to classical music – music without words alone so I can narrate and sing the lyrics to a wordless symphony without outside commentary or voices.

I like swaying and moving to music alone so I can dance the way the music leads me, and not another body.

I like photographing the forest to the voices of the birds to guide my feet and camera lens. Continue reading “I Like Being In Silence, But I Don’t Like Being Lonely”


Purple Yarn and Purple Cloaked Strangers

Purple yarn and purple cloaked strangers.

Ding! The cheery bell in the front exclaimed. ‘Ah! the last one of the day’ my mind simply states. I make my way to the front of the shop. Purple? The sight I’m greeted with is an alarming amount of purple. “May I help you?” I ask to the purple cloaked stranger. Continue reading “Purple Yarn and Purple Cloaked Strangers”